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About half of our world’s population snores at some point in their lives. It’s a common issue that can disrupt sleep quality, disturb your partner, and even lead to serious health concerns. So how does one avoid this? As much as snorers hate admitting it, acknowledge the troubling sounds is step #1 in finding a solution. Step #2? Find a stop snoring device that works for you. With the abundance of resources available, there is definitely no shortage of devices that reduce or stop snoring altogether. That’s why we’ve compiled a beginner’s guide to anti-snoring devices. 

Specialized Pillows

Specialized pillows are great for those who snore mostly due to body positioning. It’s commonly known that snorers who sleep on their back should try snoozing on their side and see if this stops the unconscious sounds. 

How exactly do specialized pillows help?  Essentially, most anti-snoring pillows aim to realign your body so that your throat and tongue muscles are in optimal positions for better and efficient breathing. Some pillows also offer unique features like snoring alarms. Specialized pillows are one of the less intrusive anti-snoring devices out there, so if you’re not a fan of in mouth or on face mechanisms, then you may want to give an anti-snoring pillow a try.Learn more about anti-snore pillows here

Nasal Dilators/Strips

If you’re dealing with sinus congestion, whether the issue stems from allergies, colds, or genetic problems - nasal dilators can be the simple device that helps with the snoring.

Generally, nasal dilators or strips open the nasal passage to encourage breathing through your nose as well as your mouth. So nasal devices that curb snoring are great for those who have seasonal allergies, or just stuffy noses. Nasal dilators and strips are typically non-intrusive, non-medicated, affordable, and have no noteworthy side effects. 

Natural Remedies

Although natural remedies aren’t a device, they can be an effective and simple way to reduce snoring. Lifestyle plays a massive role in this problem, so changing some things in your life could be the key in finding a snoring cure. 

Living a healthy lifestyle not only encourages longevity and better overall health, but it is guaranteed to have a positive impact on sleep quality and snoring. For example, losing weight, drinking more water, and avoiding alcohol are known methods to help cure those snoring problems. For example, weight gain increases fat around the throat which blocks the airway, alcohol over-relaxes the throat muscles, and dehydration encourages stickier saliva. These simple changes for snorers are easy, free, and encourage better health! 

Air purifiers and humidifiers

This one is for those who struggle with allergy-induced snoring. Allergies, pollution, and poor air quality are notable ways for sudden snoring to arise. If you struggle with this problem, then controlling the air around while you sleep could be a viable solution.

The best and most common way to filter air is… you guessed it - air purifiers and humidifiers. These devices don’t just cater to snorers, but for people who live in drier climates, with pets, and who just want cleaner air in general. They can stop the snoring by filtering pollutants and allergens that can block airways. 

Mouth strips

Snoring usually involves heavy mouth breathing. If you’re snoring and wake up to a constant sore throat and dry mouth, congested mouth breathing could be the main underlying cause of the night time sounds. In that case, optimizing the nasal passage could be a useful step. 

Mouth strips are a new and innovative way that can eliminate snoring. The mechanism of mouth strips is quite simple - a strip that keeps the mouth closed to encourage breathing through the nose. They aim to eliminate snoring by reducing mucus buildup, encouraging proper ventilation, and removing direct vibrations during inhalation.  They're a promising up and coming device. Just be wary as they are new to the anti-snoring device scene with limited research and claims to support it. 


Most snorers will opt for solutions that are quick and are proven to work. Whether your snoring stems from weight gain, genetics, allergies, or sleep position, a mouthpiece is an effective stop snoring device.

If you’ve tried almost everything but still haven’t found an answer, mouthpieces, such as tongue stabilizing devices, are tried and true anti-snoring devices that have worked for many people. The goal of these devices is to properly position the jaw and tongue to enable better in mouth airflow. In a world of countless stop snoring devices, mouthpieces offer the most promising results for snoring. No matter the root cause, mouthpieces are effective and fast-acting for most snorers.

Best anti-snoring device?

Our top anti-snoring device recommendation? It’s no surprise that we are proud to back the Good Morning Snore Solution! It’s the best anti-snoring device that is backed by years worth of scientific research and clinically proven to work in the fight against snoring. Our snoring device works for anyone, as we focus on stabilizing the tongue to gently open the entire airway with little if any side effects. It’s a great option that is softer than other mouthpieces, easy to manage, and designed to fit everyone.

If you’re still unsure about this top-anti snoring device, check out ourReviews page and see what verified customers say about Good Morning Snore Solution. There’s no risk in trying our anti-snoring device, because if you're not satisfied, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Finding the best anti-snoring devices truly depends on the root cause of snoring and personal preference. This guide is a quick list of what types of snoring devices are out there.

Learn more about how the Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece works, and find out if it will work for you.


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