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Good Morning Snore Solution Mouthpiece

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It’s Clinically Proven

Good Morning Snore Solution is FDA cleared for the reduction of snoring. Unlike many snore solutions on the market, Good Morning Snore Solution was tested using a controlled clinical study. The results of the double-blinded, placebo controlled clinical study were so compelling that the data was published in the peer-reviewed medical journal – Sleep and Breathing. Respected Calgary dentist and sleep researcher Dr. Leslie Dort (MSc, DDS, Dip ABDSM) is the original developer of the Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece.

It’s Unique

Our Innovative design is one of a kind. Dr. Dort saw need for an alternative to the complex, uncomfortable and often expensive snoring solutions on the market. Looking at the mechanics of snoring holistically, she discovered a simple, innovative and effective anti-snoring strategy that uses tongue stabilization to relieve snoring.

It Works

Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece works by gently moving the tongue forward to clear blocked airways - tongue stabilization is more comfortable with fewer side effects and much more affordable than other methods. This innovative anti-snoring device is recommended by health care professionals and used by thousands of people around the world.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do and it's a pleasure for our 5-Star Customer Care Team to assist you. Try our product risk free for 30 nights as per our Satisfaction Guarantee!

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Customer Reviews

July 7, 2019

I have been using the Good Morning Snore Solution for 3 or 4 years. After I had spent thousands of dollars on uncomfortable appliances to hold my tongue in place so it wouldn't fall back in my mouth, I found the Good Morning Snore Solution appliance. I literally cannot sleep without it unless I sleep on my side. However, my tongue does sometimes slip out if I do not get a tight enough hold and I will wake myself up snoring. I always have a new appliance on hand in case something happens to the one I am currently using.

- Ellen Larion

Dec 10, 2015

This is a remarkable product,” says dentist Dr. Larry Stanleigh who participated in the MPowRx™ commercial pilot program. Dr Stanleigh says “It addresses the concerns we have with other in-the-mouth devices, and at a price point that can be accessible to a large segment of the population that ordinarily would avoid trying anything. I believe this product has the potential to change some peoples’ lives, and/or the lives of the people they sleep with.

- Dr Larrry Stanleigh

Oct 14, 2019

Very effective! Especially great for travelling with others.

- Karen Dalby

Jan 2, 2020

The Snore Score of this popular snore measuring app is designed to help you to compare your snoring across multiple nights and to measure the impact of remedies and factors. A higher Snore Score indicates louder or more frequent snoring, whilst a lower Snore Score indicates quieter or less frequent snoring. Shown in the image on the right, snoring is greatly reduced on those nights when the person is using Good Morning Snore Solution (Sunday and Thursday - Snore Score 7 and 1, respectively) while snoring is dramatically higher on those nights when Good Morning Snore Solution is NOT used (Friday – Snore Score of 43). Conclusion: Good Morning Snore Solution aids in the reduction of snoring!

Snore Score - details

Better Sleep, Better Day

Daytime energy is generated at night. Sleep relaxes and resets your brain, rebuilds muscles and strengthens your immune system. And it all works better when you’re breathing completely and quietly. Start a better day tomorrow with a snore-free sleep tonight from Good Morning Snore Solution.

Better Sleep, Better Everything

Like air, water and food, sleep is crucial for a good life. Being well rested balances your emotions and lets you be the best version of yourself. And since good sleep is quiet sleep, living snore-free with Good Morning Snore Solution means a better sleep for loved ones nearby as well.