November 05, 2018 2 min read

We know that keeping a room dark without disruptive lights help aid sleep, but sometimes your thoughts can not shut off in a black, quiet room. Rather than reading or watching TV, listening to audio is a great way to fall asleep without being disrupted with light. From podcasts to music, here are 5 different types of audio that help people to fall asleep.

1. Trying to shut your mind off? Try white noise.

Consisting of sounds of waves, wind, urban traffic and crowd noise, white noise helps many fall asleep at night. This noise that can consist of many unique sounds which drowns out everything else that is distracting the brain from drifting off. Discover what white noise sound suits you.

2. Want to fit in some learning? Explore podcasts.

Podcasts are a great form of audio that is easy to access and are suited to a numerous amount of interests. It’s easy to find a topic of interest, and many platforms you can access them free, such as:

You can even listen to podcasts tailored to inducing sleep.

3. Want to feel comforted? The right music can help you relax.

Music can have a direct effect on your nervous system, helping your body relax and prepare for sleep. Studies have shown that those who listen to 45 minutes of relaxing music before bed fall asleep faster, have longer sleeps, wake up less and are more rested in comparison to when they do not drift off to tunes.

Not too sure where to find relaxing music? Youtube is a great resource that has calming tracks that last as long as you sleep.

4. Want some entertainment? Get hooked on audiobooks.

Audiobooks can be just as good as watching TV or reading but are something you can do in the dark and easily drift off to sleep to. Search for audiobooks online to find a wide selection, you can even listen to some on Spotify

5. Stress keeping you awake? Guided meditation will help you stay calm.

Studies have shown that meditation decreases levels of stress, which is a factor tied closely to many sleep disorders. Guided meditation helps you focus on your breathing, and allows you to reach a sense of relaxation. This technique not only helps you fall asleep for the night, but meditation improves your overall well being, which is strongly connected to sleep.

Guided meditation audio clips can be found on many platforms, and there are even apps dedicated to this relaxation method, such as Headspace.


Play these sounds out loud, or through wire or bluetooth headphones. With the variation and the benefits these bedtime sounds have to offer, you will definitely be getting your much needed shut eye! 

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