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It is often painful to wake up to the realization that you need a new mattress, but investing in your sleep is definitely worth it. The Better Sleep Council states that we should replace our mattresses every 5-7 years, although many of us continue to keep our mattresses past this time. Studies have shown that a new mattress can result in a significant decrease in one’s stress levels and increase in sleep quality. Along with these benefits, people are also protected from the adverse health effects that come along with sleeping on an old mattress such as allergies, back pain, a weakened immune system and higher stress levels. If you spend so much time in your bed, why risk having one that does not support your health? Consider these 5 signs as an indicator that it is time to treat yourself to a new mattress:

 1) Waking with aches

Giving your body the tools it needs to get the best rest it can is essential to having a good night’s sleep. A mattress that is both comfortable and supportive is ideal for your body to relax and rejuvenate during sleep.  Due to the fact that mattresses deteriorate in comfort and support over time, it is beneficial to consider how your body feels in your bed. Note any pain or discomfort you may feel in bed or in the morning after as a possible sign that your mattress it at its time.

2) Lumps and sags

Taking a look at the physical appearance of your mattress can indicate if it is deteriorating. Signs of wear such as lumpiness, sagging, discoloration or unevenness indicate your mattress may not be ideal for your quality sleep. These warning signs play a role in impacting your quality of sleep and continue to intensify the more you climb into bed with them.

3) Comfier in another’s

Sleeping somewhere that is not your home may make it difficult to get the rest you need, but if you are finding you sleep better in this situation, consider if it was the bed that did it. Waking up feeling less sore than usual or more rejuvenated than at home could be due to the fact that your personal mattress is not supporting your sleep the way it should. You spend many of your nights on your own mattress, so why not make it the best for your body?

4) Restless rolling

Sleep is essential for processes both in the brain and in the body. Ideal sleep contributes to happiness, improved cognition and a body better prepared to tackle health issues. If you find yourself feeling like you did not have a restful sleep, this could be due to tossing and turning throughout the night. Although you may not notice your movements, restlessness indicates that an ideal sleep is not being accomplished and your health and happiness are at risk.   

5) Age matters

The National Sleep Foundation states that most mattresses have a lifespan of around 8 years; although some experts state a lower number if the sleeper is over 40 years old due to the need for a better sleep foundation. If your mattress is on the older side, be aware of the addition signs above to decide if it is time to replace it. Keep in mind the amazing benefits a new mattress will bring for your mental and physical health because investing in your sleep and yourself is always worth it.

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