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January 03, 2019 2 min read

You may or may not have heard the name MPowrx Health and Wellness (MPowrx), so we wanted to share a little bit about who MPowrx is and how it came to be. MPowrx is the company behind Good Morning Snore Solution. With a passion for proven, yet accessible health and wellness products, the founder of MPowrx, Dr. Nancy Markley, brought Good Morning Snore Solution to market, which was just the beginning. The international company continues to encourage global health and wellness through innovative products and offerings.

The Beginning of MPowrx

MPowrx was founded by Dr. Nancy Markley, who followed her dream of making a positive difference in people’s lives. Dr. Markley developed a strong passion for healthcare innovation, and used her PhD in molecular biology along with her entrepreneurial knowledge to put her ideas into action. It was with the goal to create a positive difference in other’s lives that she created her own global health and wellness company, known today as MPowrx.

MPowrx’s first product was Good Morning Snore solution, which was invented by Calgary dentist and sleep researcher Dr. Leslie DortMSc, DDS, Dip ABDSM. This was the basis of the popular mouthpiece sold today, and the design moved forward to being refined, manufactured and licenced by MPowrx. Starting in the basement of Dr. Markley’s family home, the mouthpiece was launched in Canada and the USA in 2008. Shortly after that, distribution was expanded to fulfill the dream of helping millions around the globe with this innovative sleep technology.

With the hope of improving wellness around the world, MPowrx is continuously looking for new opportunities to bring scientifically proven, innovative wellness solutions to market. In addition to making way for practical and accessible wellness solutions, MPowrx wants to see opportunities for wellness provided to those who are often overlooked. In December 2018, MPowrx partnered with Sleeping Children Around the World, a charity that provides bedkits to children in developing countries. During the month of December, MPowrx donated a portion of Good Morning Snore Solution sales to Sleeping Children Around the World in order to give these children a chance at a good night’s sleep. Moving forward, MPowrx continues to look for more ways to give back to the community on a global scale.

What is next for MPowrx?

The success with Good Morning Snore Solution was just the beginning. MPowrx is branching out to create other health and wellness products that will help you sleep better, feel better, and live better! Want to be kept in the know about new products and offerings from MPowrx?Subscribe to the MPowrx newsletter

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