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Best Essential Oils for Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Best Essential Oils for Snoring and Sleep Apnea

How can essential oils can help with snoring?

Studies have indicated that the use of essential oils can reduce the rate of snoring in many individuals. Oils can promote sleep by preparing your body for sleep and are also a safe and all-natural method to bring overall wellness. Let’s explore the most beneficial oils for those who snore or have sleep apnea!

What types are best?


This oil is said to be the best for snoring relief, as it supports respiratory wellness, immune system health and nervous system well-being. Keeping these areas healthy can significantly improve your sleep, as well as decrease snoring.


Marjoram is known to help clear the sinuses and open airway passages. This helps you breathe easier throughout the night, and works well to soothe a snoring sleeper.


This oil is commonly recommended as a herbal decongestant, making it both great for those with colds and those who snore. This remedy opens the nose and clears mucus, allowing for better breathing all night long.


This is another oil that keeps the airways open, which promotes breathing and can reduce snoring. Being an anti-inflammatory treatment, pine works to reduce both respiratory conditions that may interfere with a good night's sleep. 


This is a commonly used herbal remedy which promotes sleep. Although Lavender does not directly targeting snoring, this oil promotes a restful slumber which may be lacking in the lives of those who snore (and those around them).

How do you use them? 

To fill your whole room with your chosen essential oil, put a few drops into an electric diffuser, which will dispense the herbal scent throughout the space for hours.

For another relaxing way to inhale these oils, soak a small towel in warm to hot water which has a few drops of essentials. Squeeze the towel out so it is just damp, and lay it over your face and relax.  

Alternatively, you could put a few drops on the skin, being cautious as some oils can irritate the skin.

Whether it's for snoring or better sleep in general, we hope the use of these essential oils helps you get a better rest and improves your overall well being!

For some, snoring is caused by allergies and/or congestion issues, while for the greater majority, snoring is caused by more serious issues such as sleep apnea. If you consistently struggle with your snoring, you may want to consider an anti snore mouthpiece, like Good Morning Snore Solution. 

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