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March 04, 2019 2 min read

Why do people get surgery for snoring? 

Surgery to eliminate snoring is typically seen as a last resort for those who have been unsuccessful with snoring mouthpieces and CPAP machines. Snoring surgery is only an option if the candidate has a surgically correctable abnormality, and other methods have been used without success. [1]

There are many different types of surgeries that aim to combat snoring, and ultimately, discussing the options with a doctor is the best source for information on these options. Below are some statistics around the most common types of snoring surgeries performed. 

Facts to consider:

  • Some surgeries to combat snoring or obstructed breathing can be performed in one stage, and others “require multiple procedures to complete the treatment” [2].
  • Like any surgery, snoring surgeries have side effects and severe risks
  • Like other snoring solutions, there is the chance of a snoring surgery not delivering the desired outcomes 

A study based on the responses of 193 patients who underwent surgery to aid heavy snoring yielded these results [3]:

  • 26% of patients reported postoperative infections
  • 76% scored postoperative pain as moderate or severe
  • 37% perceived an improvement in their sleep quality
  • 24% reported no improvement in their sleep quality
  • 43% reported an initial improvement that was not sustained for 2 years
  • In hindsight, only 47% would have undergone the surgery


  • As a first-line of treatment, doctors highly recommend behavioural modifications to relieve snoring that is not related to sleep apnea [3].
  • Trying alternatives before considering surgery can have many benefits, as they are [5]:
    • Less invasive
    • Cost effective
    • More comfortable
    • Have less side effects
    • Are safer
    • Are not permanent

One of the alternatives health professionals recommend is a non invasive snoring mouthpiece such as Good Morning Snore Solution. This snoring solution has helped countless people avoid high-risk surgery and sleep well.

Such a great alternative for me to a CPAP machine, or a dental appliance, both of which I've tried. Easy to use, easy to travel with, so simple in design!” -Margaret R, after trying Good Morning Snore Solution.






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