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Sleeping With Your Mouth Open

Sleeping With Your Mouth Open

Do you breathe through your mouth while you sleep? Or just keep it open when you are catching up on rest at night? Although you can not help this natural reflex, especially when you have a stuffy nose or sinus issues, there is science to say this is not the best way to rest throughout the night.

Possible side effects of mouth breathing at night: 

  • Dehydration: Breathing through your mouth can dry out your airways and lead to the loss of essential fluids throughout the night.
  • Jaw Pain: Having your mouth open at night keeps the jaw in a position which can cause teeth grinding, the development of an overbite or underbite, or general jaw soreness.
  • Poor Oral Health: Gum disease and tooth decay are more common in those that breathe through their mouth at night.
  • Bad Breath: One of the most common side effects of mouth breathers, and one that affects others.
  • Worsened Asthma: By inhaling cold air that is unfiltered through the nose, the airway can become more irritated, especially for those with asthma.
  • Tiredness: Breathing with your mouth open does not let as much oxygen into the lungs, impacting the body's whole supply of oxygen. This can lead to feelings of fatigue when you wake, and can result in restlessness for the whole day.

Snoring and mouth breathing:

This mouth position has a great impact on snoring and sleep apnea, worsening both of these sleep disruptions. Those who are prone to snoring and sleep with their mouth open allow for the airways to be in the position that obstructs airways. Individuals with sleep apnea that wear a CPAP machine do not get the ideal benefits from the device when they have their mouth open, making this breathing method less than ideal.

How to prevent mouth breathing:

Breathing through the nose is definitely better for your health, so how can you ensure you breathe this way throughout the night?

A sure way to promote breathing through the nose is to secure the mouth into a position which does not let it fall open. A snoring mouthpiece such as Good Morning Snore Solution helps gently keep the tongue in the same position all night, both preventing snoring and protecting from the negative effects of mouth breathing. No matter the source of your snoring, a stabilizing mouthpiece can greatly help you breath through your nose overnight!