February 18, 2019 2 min read

Back or Side?

Information about the best side to sleep on is plentiful, but it tends to have many contradicting messages, making it difficult to name one position the best to sleep on.  

Many sources support the idea that sleeping on your back is the best choice, as it keeps the spine in a neutral position which minimizes neck and back pain. Although this is the case, the significant increase in snoring and airways obstructions suggests that sleeping on the back is not ideal for everyone [1].

When sleeping on your side, the benefit of an elongated spine is achieved to protect the neck, spine and back, along with offering a preventative position for breathing disruptions.

What the Research Says:

  • A study which looked at sleep patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) found that most of those with OSA sleep on their back. Studied further, it was concluded that airways obstructions are more severe and frequent when sleeping in this position [2]. 
  • Another study found that when one’s sleep posture is changed from the back to a side position, airway obstructions such as the tongue and larynx are relieved [3].

Due to these types of discoveries, the side position is recommended by medical professionals for those who deal with airways obstructions [4]. Even those snorers without OSA greatly benefit from sleeping on their side, as it is shown to decrease snoring time and intensity [5].

Especially for snorers, sleeping on your side, paired with an effective and minimally invasive snoring mouthpiece would provide a great amount of comfort and snore-free bedroom!   

Left or Right?

For those with acid reflux and heartburn, the left side is said to be the better side to sleep on [6]. It is also a recommended side to sleep on due to how it helps digestion throughout the night [7]. Your body will tell you which side is most comfortable to sleep on, so if you experience any shoulder or jaw pain which may occur from sleeping on one side, try flipping to the other.

Sleeping left or right, we hope you choose the comfiest position for you and sleep tight!



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