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January 17, 2017 3 min read

According to a survey by the National Sleep Foundation, 76% of individuals have what they consider to be a good night’s sleep at least a few nights each week. On an average weekday, the participants snoozed for 6 hours and 44 minutes. On non-work nights, they enjoyed 7 hours and 35 minutes of sleep. There are a number of factors which can contribute to having a good night’s rest: relaxing before bed, resting in a quiet, dark room and even using prescription or over the counter medications. But there are leading technologies available which are helping promote how quickly we go to sleep, how long we sleep for, and how restful our sleep is.

The Beurer 4-In-1 Wake Up Light


This device taps into our body’s natural circadian rhythm by using light therapy to improve our sleep. Being able to create artificial sunrises and sunsets, this 4-in-1 wake up light by Beurer features a wake-up light, a mood light, a reading lamp and a music station. This wake up light comes with a LightUp app which allows you to control the device remotely so you can set a time and speed for waking up. You can also easily control the colors and brightness of the lamp, charge your phone, and play music through the Bluetooth speakers.



Is mindfulness and meditation what you need to help you hit the hay? Then the free app, Sleepfulness, may be for you. Compatible for both iOS and Apple devices, this app features a number of guided meditations which will help you wind down from your day. It also features:

  • Recommended content
  • Sleep facts
  • Meditation tracks ranked by other users
Only ten tracks are free and some may find it difficult to focus on a screen before bed. But it is an easy to use risk-free solution.

The Neuroon


Sleeping masks are nothing new, but the Neuroon takes these masks to a whole new level. This intuitive mask is able to analyze the way you sleep and will then use biological signals including pulse oximetry, brain waves, body temperature, and body movement during sleep to help you optimize your rest. The mask also provides analytical sleep information so you can help pinpoint times when your sleep may not be optimal (such as if your partner begins snoring beside you), and it utilizes bright light therapy to help enhance your quality of sleep. While this product is perfect for the every day user, it is particularly useful for those who travel regularly and who may suffer from jet lag.



What we love about the S+ is that it is a hands-free device which is able to track, analyze, and improve your sleep without you needing to wear a wristband, attach electrodes to yourself, or use a mattress strip. It is, as the company boasts, the world’s very first non-contact sleep sensor. To use the S+, place the device beside your bed and set it to “sleep mode” prior to settling in for the night. The device will then measure your breathing and even the smallest of body movements to create personalized feedback and helpful suggestions. Another nice feature is that the S+ is intelligent enough to be able to wake you in a light stage of your sleep cycle within a set period of time, reducing feelings of grogginess and fatigue in the morning.

What To Do With Analytical Sleep Information

The technologies on this list are designed to help you get to sleep and stay asleep. But external factors, such as snoring, can throw a wrench in your night time plans. The Good Morning Snore Sleep Solution® is a leading anti-snore clinically proven mouthpiece which, when used alone or with any of the above technologies, can help you enjoy a better and longer night’s rest. Backed by a 90 day guarantee, we welcome you to try it today. To learn more, please visit  


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