March 08, 2021 3 min read

Winters tend to make us lazier than usual, and the dark and chilly days can make us sleep more than is good for us. Often the stress and the bad habits we develop can carry right into spring while our bodies conveniently forget that the season for more sunshine and warmer days is here.

To get your sleeping pattern back on track, we have a few good ideas for you right here.

Compress Sleep

Experts recommend eight hours of sleep for adults every night, and there is a reason for that. They believe that our brain has the capacity to produce quality sleep for only that long, so when we extend it for any reason, the quality dilutes. That means sleeping for ten or twelve hours will actually not help you. Limit yourself to a rigid bedtime routine, and don’t hesitate to use an alarm.

Maintain Favourable Bedroom Temperature

We have an expert opinion on this again. Experts suggest that anything between sixty to seventy degrees is the optimal temperature to sleep in. Anything beyond or below that will not relax you and most likely will keep you awake.

Use a good thermostat for your room and set it to a comfortable temperature range so that the optimal coolness helps you fall asleep quickly. 

Spend Time Outdoors

Spending more time outdoors and absorbing the natural light will help regulate your body’s internal clock. It will improve your performance and alertness and put you in better shape mentally. 


We know exercise can be difficult to build into your day, so start small. Maybe implement a walk at lunchtime or lift hand weights while watching TV. Physical activity keeps you in prime health and can help reduce stress. With all this activity, you will tire your body out in the best way possible and fall comfortably asleep each night. 

Break Your Nap Habits

Are you in the habit of taking short nap breaks during the day? If you are, this could be a reason why you do not fall asleep easily at night. Winter chills may deprive you of other daytime activities and cause you to nap in between, but now that it’s spring time, there are more options. Instead, go for a walk in the neighborhood or hang around the nearby parks during the day. Stick to a regulated sleeping pattern even on weekends so that it becomes a permanent habit. 

Stop Using Gadgets an Hour Ahead

A regulated bedtime doesn’t just bring more organization to your life, but it can improve quality of sleep as well. Any gadgets you use before bedtime might be the reason why you sleep poorly through spring and other seasons.

The light those screens emanate activates your brain and keeps it from falling asleep even when you have shut off the gadget. It is best to stop using your phone or watching TV an hour before you have to go to bed so that your brain settles into sleep mode by then too.

Mouthpiece for better sleep

Many of us tend to snore loudly at night, while others suffer from various other sleeping disorders. The most important thing to do is to accept your problem and reach out for help. Technology and medical advancements have created every tool possible to give us a sound sleeping pattern. From mouthpieces to othersnoring solutions, you can take your pick from whatever works best for you and find qualitative sleep each night. 

Reduce Caffeine Intake after Lunch

We get it, during the winter, sometimes we need cup after cup of coffee just to warm up our insides. Now that springtime is here, and mornings aren’t so chilli, try to stick to one cup of coffee in the morning. Coffee after lunchtime could be one of the reasons why you have fragmented sleep, so try to quit drinking caffeine after lunch so that it’s out of your system by bedtime. This prevents you from staying awake.

Final Thoughts

If you suffer from any habits or conditions that affect your sleep quality, you can break out of them with a few simple changes. From lifestyle habits to snoring solutions and all sorts of devices, you have everything at your disposal to enjoy improved sleeping patterns

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