January 31, 2023 2 min read

10 Snoring Partner Memes Every Spouse Can Relate To

Snoring is a problem that affects millions of men and women worldwide — and not all of them are snorers [1]. Those sleeping next to an industrial machine of a spouse are the ones to suffer the most it seems. Studies namely show that the spouses of snorers suffered from insomnia, sleepiness, headaches, and fatigue [2]. Worst of all, sleeping in separate bedrooms doesn’t help all that much, which is why some consider divorce.

If you too are married to a snorer yourself, you know the struggle. Before you start considering going separate ways (or something worse) as the only solution to end your suffering, check out these memes to provide some respite from your sleep-deprived state.   

1. Marriage is all about acceptance, patience, and understanding, after all.

When dream boyfriends turn into snoring husbands


2. Me snoring? No Way!

Talk show host talking about snoring


3. Nothing to see here; just the normal trials and tribulations of married life. 

 Ned Flanders holding pillow


4. When your bed partner can’t admit they’re a heroic snorer.

Dorothy from golden girls speaking to her mom


5. The only thing standing between me and happiness is your snoring.

women piecefully sleeping


6. Here’s a simple and effective snore solution. 

Pillow on bed


7. True love is selfless like that. 

Wife hugging pillow


8. Talk about double standards!

wife frowning then laughing


9. Forget narcissism, constant lying, and liking pineapple on pizza — here is the biggest red flag to look out for.

image of snoring joke


10. Maybe look at your SO’s snoring as a resilience builder?

Military troups



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  1. Ulfberg J, Carter N, Talbäck M, Edling C. Adverse health effects among women living with heavy snorers.Health Care Women Int. 2000;21(2):81-90.doi:10.1080/073993300245311


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