April 22, 2019 4 min read

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A good pillow is essential to a good night’s sleep, but sometimes it can be hard to know when to purchase a new pillow and what kind of pillow is best for you. We sat down with our friends at Sleepenvie to get some information on how to choose the perfect pillow based on what type of sleeper you are.

Good Morning Snore Solution focuses on giving snorers the proper rest they need. What is the ideal pillow type for someone who snores?

The ideal pillow for someone that snores depends on their sleeping position. If they sleep on their back, a very full pillow is a must. It will help to tilt their chin slightly towards their chest to prevent their head from laying flat and tilting backwards, which increases the probability of snoring because it allows the tongue to fall to the back of the throat and get in the way of smooth breathing, creating the vibration sound that we know to be snoring. If they sleep on their side, a medium-full pillow is best to provide ample support and still be full enough to prevent snoring just in case they roll over onto their backs. Stomach sleepers rarely snore, so a flatter pillow will be most comfortable for their necks.

What type of pillow is best for neck pain?

To combat neck pain, the key is to find a pillow that will best align your neck with your spine. Firmness and fullness are two important factors here. For back sleepers, for example, a medium-full, semi-firm pillow would best help to align your neck with your spine while, for stomach sleepers, a soft, flat pillow would be more suitable here.

What are some general tips for choosing the right pillow?

Sleep EnvieWhen choosing your pillow, keep your sleep position in mind as it a key indicator when it comes to the fullness you should be looking for. Back sleepers tend to like fuller pillows best, side sleepers gravitate towards medium-full pillows and stomach sleepers most often choose flatter pillows. This is largely due to comfort but also neck pain prevention; imagine sleeping on your stomach with a very full pillow, ouch! Something else to consider is the possible additional benefits of particular pillows. For example, if you have trouble sleeping, it may benefit you to seek out a pillow that will help you fall asleep usingaromatherapy. If you're a hot sleeper, a pillow withcooling technology would be beneficial. For a guest room, the positions your guests sleep in will vary, so a pillow with anadjustable fullness would be a really thoughtful idea so all of your guests are comfortable.

How do you know when it's time to replace your pillow?

Pillows, just like mattresses, have a lifespan. For mattresses, you should replace every 7 to 10 years because, as we use them every night, they begin to lose their shape and accumulate body oil, dead skin cells and dust mites. Pillows are no different. There is no magic number for replacing your pillow but there are three in-home tests you can conduct to tell.

1. If you take off your pillowcase and your pillow is covered in yellow stains (that's sweat and body oil), it is time to replace your pillow. The yellow stains are just a visual indicator that you've had your pillow long enough that the sweat and oil coming from your body has built up to such a degree that it's stained, so you can only imagine what you can't see.

2. If your pillow becomes lumpy, it is time for a new pillow. This means that the material inside the pillow has begun to break down and separate, causing lumps, and this will only continue to get worse and become increasingly uncomfortable.

3. If you have a memory foam pillow and you fold it in half and it doesn't snap back fairly quickly, then it's time for a new pillow. This is also an indicator that the memory foam has begun to break down. Just as a benchmark, a good quality memory foam pillow should last you about three years.

What's special about Sleepenvie pillows?

Joy, Sleepenvie’s founder, jumped in to answer this question.

“Our pillows are special because we have our customers in mind when we designed them,” says Sleepenvie founder, Joy Elena. “We are very aware that no one pillow is suited for everyone. From our Skyler pillow being ideal for hot sleepers to our lavender infused Violet pillow helping to ease you to sleep and our latest addition, the FOMO pillow  which is almost like sleeping on an adjustable cloud. If you find the pillow too firm, you can remove the shredded memory foam filling to your desired amount.”

What makes your Sleepenvie FOMO pillow unique?

OurFOMO pillow is special because it's the right pillow for everyone which, as we now know, is near impossible because everyone sleeps differently. It's the right pillow for everyone because you can customize the fullness to perfectly suit your individual needs. It also involves no guesswork so if you think you'd like something, for example, between full and medium-full or flat and medium, you can create it. This pillow comes with the pillow you use and a decorative satin pillow to store any excess memory foam that you're not using.

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