February 16, 2021 3 min read

The right nightly practices ensure we sleep deeply and soundly each night and thus enjoy better health from a good sleep. It is important to take out time each night to relax. This way, your body and mind are calm enough to slip easily into blissful slumber. In this short guide, we will discuss the easiest and best wind-down activities to improve your sleep.


Take a Warm Bath

Oh, this is nothing new; why bother reading it, right? Well, as publicized as the benefits of a nice bath are, we still tend to underrate it. Even scientifically, you can find evidence that a warm bath soothes your aching muscles and eases your pent up anxiety.

It helps your tensed body uncoil and loosen, building the perfect conditions for slipping into restful sleep right after. The temperature of the water is the key here. It needs to be just warm enough to bring on that soothing and relaxing effect: not too hot to make you sweat and not too cold to jar your senses awake. 

Try mixing a few drops of essential oil to luxuriate in some aromatherapy. 


Let Your Electronic Devices Sleep an Hour Before You Do

Electronic devices tend to stimulate our brains even when it’s way past bedtime. It is not merely enough to keep your phone on the nightstand and silence the ringer. Just the presence of the devices nearby can be a huge distraction and temptation.

You may give in to the desire of just scrolling through your newsfeed one last time or checking your messages. The best strategy is to keep your phone and other gadgets in a basket away from the bed. That way, the temptation to grab the phone or tablet even when you momentarily come awake in the night won’t continue for long. 


Stretching and Meditation

It works well at the start of the day but even better close to bedtime. There are many simpleyoga poses you can do for even just a few minutes that will contribute to better sleep and greater relaxation. You can begin forming this nightly habit with a simple forward bend and a child’s pose to follow. Also, consider slow and controlled breathing to let go of stress and stabilize your blood pressure. 


Turn Your Bedroom Into a Retreat

This may seem like a lot of effort, but it really isn’t. All it takes is some candles, some fairy lights, aromatherapy, and a music system. Call it a cliché, but relaxing music and candles does create a soothing and peaceful environment. 

You could also bring in tons of soft, cushiony, and feathery pillows, comfortable beddings, and anything else that makes you feel cozy. The key is to turn your bedroom into a relaxing oasis that makes you want to wind down. 


A favorite Craft

Many experts describe crafts as hugely therapeutic. They are of the opinion that projects that involve repetitive actions such as coloring or knitting are somewhat akin to therapy. It is far more helpful to opt for such activity over the temptation of switching on the TV. 

The glare of the blue light from the appliance is a sure stimulant for the brain, and makes it difficult for you to experience a good quality sleep. 


Let go of alcohol

While a glass of red wine may make you sleepy, alcohol actually doesn’t help your body when it comes to sleep quality. Theeffects of alcohol on your sleep will leave you feeling fatigued and far from rested. 

Instead of alcohol consumption in the evenings, and especially before bed, try taking chamomile tea. This tea helps one unwind better, owing to its apigenin content. This antioxidant helps activate the sleep-promoting receptors in your brain. 


Quit the Afternoon Caffeine

Science tells us that caffeine’s half-life amounts to approximately five hours. Make it a habit to quit drinking caffeine right after lunchtime so that your system has enough opportunity to flush the caffeine out. With no caffeine in your system, you’ll be able to dose off more peacefully. 


Final thoughts

Falling asleep sounds like a very simple thing, but it can be a great struggle for many people. From hectic daily routines to high levels of anxiety and stress, so many things tend to rob us of peaceful sleep. Simple activities, like the ones we have discussed, will help you relax better and fall into a deep sleep.



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