February 08, 2021 3 min read

Love transcends all boundaries, except for habits like snoring. But who could blame couples for eventually splitting if, despite being madly in love, they are sleep deprived? Snoring can definitely take its toll on relationships, so if you’re waking up tired and irritable, it may be time to seek out some snoring solutions. 

Unfortunately, snoring is not merely the interruption of one’s own sleep. One partner’s snoring means both will have trouble sleeping. 

Snoring - A Romance Buster

Relationships tend to fall apart when snoring creates immense tiredness and frustration, resulting in resentment between lovers. From emotional to sexual intimacy, it takes a toll on all important aspects of a relationship.

The trouble begins when the snoring compels the other partner to ultimately sleep in a separate bedroom. When couples start sleeping apart, they miss out on important bonding moments. When you lose out on this element, it becomes easier to drift apart in other ways. But why does snoring have such a major impact on a relationship? We’ll tell you why.

The Impact of Snoring

You see, snoring is a form of irregular breathing characterized by a sleeping disorder. Hence, it destroys the quantity and quality of both the snorer and the partner’s sleep. When one suffers from insufficient and poor quality sleep on a regular basis, it clouds their judgment and critical thinking skills. 

Lack of sleep causes one to feel short-tempered and irritable. In turn, this can cause partners to snap at one another, widen the communication gap between each other, increase negative feelings, and weaken conflict management skills. 

Science gives testimony to the fact that snoring has the power to drive couples apart. It is also quite evident in many couples how snoring has become a focal point of shame and frustration in their relationship dynamics. Oftentimes, the partner who feels forced to stay awake or shuffle to another room for sleep grows resentful of the snoring partner. The snorer, in turn, feels helpless, ashamed, and most often guilty. These feelings can contribute to isolation for even the most loving couples.

Snoring Solution

For starters, it is important for couples to acknowledge the uniqueness of their love. For them, it has to be a priority no matter what other obstacles exist. When couples are on the same page in terms of their commitment, they can always find ways to overcome the biggest of problems together, including snoring.

It takes teamwork for a relationship to work. While finding a solution to one’s snoring may take time, nothing is impossible when lovers work together. Let’s look at some snoring solutions for you below:

  1. Remember that snoring is merely a physical issue, not an emotional one. You can keep resentment and anger resulting from snoring at bay by keeping your conversation in the physical realm. Make quality sleep a priority for one another because when you both sleep well, you will both think straight. This will keep the snoring partner from feeling ashamed and like a personal failure and the non-snorer from taking the problem personally. 
  2. Do not consider relocating to a spare room out of snoring as a stigma. In fact, it is best to acknowledge moving to another room to catch up on sleep as a relationship enhancer. If it disrupts the physical intimacy, re-plan your intimate moments to a time when you both are well rested and more receptive.
  3. Technology and medicine have given a number of solutions to quiet nightly snoring. You can empower your partner with a snoring solution such as atongue stabilizing device.
  4. You could both meet with an expert for consultation on the snoring issue. A primary care physician should be able to offer a referral for a specialist. This specialist, in turn, can conduct a sleep study to figure if your partner is suffering from a serious condition, such assleep apnea. When the expert diagnoses the true reason behind snoring, they will be able to administer effective treatments and solve the issue permanently. 

Final Thoughts

Snoring not only disrupts sound sleep, it often damages relationships. Before couples can realize it, snoring can hinder intimacy, positive disposition, acceptance, and empathy for each other. Thankfully, there are a number ofsnoring solutionsout there to ensure that snoring doesn’t get in the way of your relationship.




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