July 10, 2018 2 min read

To be healthy, productive, and feel great, you need to sleep. There’s no way around it. Inadequate sleep and poor sleep quality are closely linked with a wide range of health problems.

Fortunately, sleep loss and sleep problems can often be treated. One of the simplest treatments available for addressing mild to moderate snoring and sleep apnea is to use an anti-snore mouthpiece. This type of device significantly reduces loud snoring and helps you getter a better night of sleep. And we know that getting optimal sleep translates into better days.

If you snore or have sleep apnea, you need to know the facts on how your life can change after you treat these issues. Below are five ways your daily life might improve from using an anti-snore mouthpiece.

  1. Reduce your risk of health problems.You might not notice the damage snoring is causing to your body right away, but it can creep up on you. People who snore often have an increased risk for long-term negative health effects. Frequent loud snoring can cause breathing to become shallow or interrupt it hundreds of times during one night. This interference increases the risk for lung infection and may also eventually lead to stroke, congestive heart failure, and liver damage. Using an anti-snore device can significantly help to prevent these and other potential health complications.
  1. Prevent headaches.Are you snoring and waking up with headaches? Research shows that there is connection between habitual snoring, insomnia, sleep disorders and morning headaches. As expected, snorers reported having a lower quality of life due to their morning headaches. If you suffer from morning headaches, it makes good sense to try an anti-snore device to see if it helps reduce them.
  1. Lowers chance of injury.Snoring and sleep apnea are linked with daytime sleepiness due to sleep deprivation. Being sleep deprived increases the risk of injury to yourself and others around you. A study of driving data and health information collected from 618 adults over 10 years concluded that the risk of having a car accident increases when people feel sleepier during the day.
  1. Boosts sexual satisfaction.A study involving 827 men who snored found that the louder they snored, the more likely it was that they were less satisfied sexually, despite the fact that clinical analysis of their health failed to find physiological indications of decreased sexual response. Essentially, snoring should be treated since it can impact the desire for sexual relations with a partner.  
  1. Improve your relationships.Even a seemingly simple problem such as snoring can impact a relationship by causing a loss of sleep. When people are unable to get proper sleep, their levels of irrationality and anxiety tend to increase along with feelings that promote relationship damage by increasing misunderstandings and arguments between partners. In some cases, snorers are even banished to another room and are left feeling alone and unwanted. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

There are many ways a stop snoring mouthpiece can improve your day-to-day life as well as longterm health. If you or someone you know is struggling with a snoring issue, it may be time to invest in a Good Morning Snore Solution.

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