June 05, 2018 2 min read

Making your bed each day might already be a habit for you, or perhaps it will be after you read this article. If you think it doesn’t matter if you make your bed or that it’s a waste of time, think again…You’ll be surprised to learn how this one simple habit can affect your day and perhaps your entire life. Here are some great reasons why you should consider making your bed when you get up in the morning.

  1. You’ll gain a sense of accomplishment each day.By choosing to tackle the small chore of making your bed first thing each morning, you’ll get immediate gratification after you’ve completed this initial task of the day. It’s true, getting small tasks done right like making your bed can actually encourage you to move onto addressing larger tasks. And it’s more likely you’ll carry this momentum of accomplishing things with you throughout the entire day. You’ll also feel more in control of your environment and gain a sense of pride by keeping things tidy.
  1. You’ll sleep better.According to a study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation involving 1,500 participants, there is a connection between sleep quality and making the bed. People who made their beds each day or nearly every day slept better than those who didn’t. Although researchers aren’t sure why bed-makers sleep better, it may be related to establishing consistent habits, having mental self-discipline or simply enjoying a sense of accomplishment.
  1. Being organized and reducing clutter lowers your stress level.Your bedroom and personal space become cluttered when bedding and pillows are thrown astray. When you make your bed, you create a tidier room and a more aesthetically pleasing environment to rest in. Decreasing clutter is proven to lower stress levels. And when you are less stressed, you’re more likely to get better sleep.
  1. You might feel happier.According to a survey of 68,000 people conducted by Hunch.com, 62 percent of people who didn’t make their bed reported feeling unhappy, while 71 percent of people who made their bed considered themselves to be happy people. Interestingly enough, those who made their beds were also more likely to exercise regularly, enjoy their jobs, and own a home.
  1. It helps you develop positive habits.The simple act of making your bed each day can actually initiate a chain reaction of practicing good habits. Making your bed is associated with an increase in productivity, better decision making power and positive habits such as sticking to a budget according to Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit. This author refers to the act of making the bed each day as a “keystone habit” since it profoundly impacts the development of other patterns of good behavior.

So now you know why making your bed is really quite an important task. There are more than a few good reasons to start making your bed each day or keep doing it if you already are. Pay attention to how this simple habit affects how you feel throughout the day and when you go to bed. With some practice, you might learn to enjoy making your bed knowing just what it can do for you!  

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