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February 06, 2018 1 min read

In American Health Journal’s latest segment, Dr. Nancy Markley, CEO of MPowrx Health and Wellness, lets us in on some important facts about snoring.

Fact 1: No one is immune

Many of us are aware that snoring is a fairly common problem, but there’s a prevailing misconception out there that only men or people who are overweight snore. This is by no means the case, snoring does not discriminate, and can affect virtually anyone. Although excess weight is a large contributor to snoring, Dr. Markley explains that seemingly minuscule features like the size of your tongue, shape of your nose, and frame of your jaw all factor into whether you will snore or not.

Fact 2: Finding the right solution is a process

When dealing with snoring, many people dive straight into purchasing CPAP machines, snoring mouthpieces, chinstraps, nose sprays, etc. Dr. Markley clarifies that in order to be successful, snorers should not go straight to looking for a solution, but should first do some digging to find out why they snore.

“The key to resolving snoring is identifying those obstructions and trying to find a solution that fits with those findings,” says Dr. Markley.

Not everyone snores for the same reason, which is precisely why there is no silver bullet when it comes to a cure for snoring. The key is knowing your reason for snoring, and choosing the right solution from there.

For more information about the various causes of snoring, see Dr. Nancy Markley’s full segment on American Health Journal:

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