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What Makes Side Sleeping the Best Position?

What Makes Side Sleeping the Best Position?

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Do you sleep on your side? Most people do; in fact, it’s the most common sleeping position. Side sleeping has many benefits, and is the best for those who snore, but this sleep position does not come without its downsides. Side sleeping can cause pain by leaving your upper leg unsupported, rotating your lower back, and putting stress on your hips. Due to this, putting a pillow between the knees has become a highly recommended solution, as this prevents the downward pull on the hip.

This is why Sleepy Kneez, a pillow especially designed for cushioning your knees, has helped many sleepers reduce pain and get the good night's sleep they deserve.

The pillow has an adjustable stretchy band, keeping it in a comfortable position all night long, no matter how much you move. Sleepy Kneez also can be fitted with a custom hot/cold gel pack insert for additional comfort and pain relief. Heat can help relax the knee muscles and lubricate joints, where as cold can help reduce knee swelling, pain and inflammation. In addition to all these features, the Sleepy Kneez knee pillow helps to:

  • Eliminate pressure on the hips & back
  • Cushion and comfort the knees
  • Support the spine

While back sleeping worsens snoring and sleep apnea, sleeping on your side does the opposite by opening airways. Side sleeping also prevents acid reflux, supports fetal health (for those pregnant) and is a position where you can easily keep your spine aligned, with the right pillow of course.