May 06, 2021 2 min read

Teaghan is the social media manager at MPowrx Health and Wellness. She manages all Good Morning Snore Solution social media accounts, and is our in-house photographer + graphic designer.

This month, MPowrx will be giving back to an organization that Teaghan has selected, and she has chosen theToronto Fringe Festival!

As a singer, actor, and dancer, the arts industry as a whole is near and dear to Teaghan’s heart.

“I got to experience my first Toronto Fringe Festival in 2015 during my first year of theatre school at Randolph College,” said Teaghan. “The school lends its two theatres as venues during the festival and also has current students participate in shows as part of the program.”

Each July, the halls of Randolph College became a hub of music, movement and art. Across the street, tucked in the Honest Ed’s Alley, was the Fringe tent where artists could mingle and enjoy the summer weather. In 2019, Teaghan participated in the festival for the first time in Omen: The Musical, written by Evelyn Long and Marley Kajan. 

“Some of my fondest memories have been made at the festival,” says Teaghan.

The Fringe is a vital part of the arts community in Toronto. The festival gives an opportunity for underrepresented voices to take centre stage.

“Their commitment to making theatre accessible for all is the reason I chose them as my organization,” said Teaghan. “Commercialized theatre is becoming increasingly expensive and inaccessible. The Fringe helps bridge this gap by creating a space for artists to grow and connect.”

Every aspect of the festival is aimed at creating a strong, diverse and artist-focused community. Not to mention they give a majority of ticket sales back to the artists. Live entertainment has been hit hard by the pandemic and it’s important to make sure great organizations like the Fringe stay around! 

Help Teaghan in supporting the Toronto Fringe Festival by purchasing a Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece. If you purchase by May 17, 2021 and use the coupon code FRINGE at checkout, you’ll receive 15% off your purchase, and we’ll donate $2 to the Toronto Fringe Festival.

Click here to learn more about theToronto Fringe Festival.

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