August 28, 2023 1 min read

As the long days of summer start to dwindle and you notice the first cool breeze of fall, you may find yourself feeling kind of sad and apprehensive. That is most likely going to be the case if your summer was filled with travel, relaxation, and memorable moments. 

But don’t worry. When times are tough, memes are here to make daily struggles a little easier on your soul. Here are 10 reliable memes to make your end of summer a little less daunting.  

1. Every time you check your social media starting August 15th. 

 man singing in fur coat

2. There’s truly nothing more tragic.

3. Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.

4. When you need a vacation from your vacation.

5. It’s an emotional rollercoaster this time of year. 

6. Only thing worse than going back from vacation is never going on vacation.

7. You can also offer these words of encouragement once your LO starts complaining about school.

8. The struggle of having a goth girl summer. 

9. For all the exhausted parents out there, September is more than welcome. 

10. Here’s one way to respond to those end-of-summer posts.

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