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How to wake up happier

How to wake up happier

Find yourself waking up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning? We get it, mornings can be rough and gloomy, especially if you’ve got a long day ahead of you. So here are some simple ways to add a little pep to your step when you’re getting out of bed. 

Prepare as much as possible

Try to make a habit of preparing everything you need the night before. This means packing your lunch, picking out your clothes, prepping your breakfast, and maybe even setting up the coffee maker. The more prepared you are for the next day, the more worry-free you can be. Plus you can sleep in a little too.

Use a real alarm clock

Most of us use our phone as our alarm clock. However, many studies recommend using a separate alarm clock to avoid all the duties that your phone presents. When we wake up with our phones, we are bombarded with notifications, emails, missed texts, etc. This sense of urgency often dampens your morning mood and possibly your day. 

Have gratitude

Have you tried to remind yourself of all the great things happening in your life? There is a lot of research that suggests being grateful either towards yourself or others leads to better moods. So, instead of listing off your to do list in the morning, try writing down what you are grateful for and the good things you can expect from the day. It’s quite simple, but it works!

Wake up with the sun

A blacked-out room is vital if you have trouble sleeping. However, for those who need a little morning pick me up, leveraging the sun is key to waking up happier. Our internal clocks tend to follow the rhythm of the moon and sun. So, open your blinds in the morning and let the sun wake you up naturally. 

Get some plants 

According to a Harvard study, people who have flowers and plants in their home had decreased levels of anxiety, depression, and worry. Try placing a little plant or two on your bedside table. It’s a relatively easy way to boost your mood in the morning. It’s also a nice way to up your home decor game!

Waking up happy is easier said than done. But with these simple tips, you may be able to add a little more sunshine to your morning mood.