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How Alcohol Affects Your Snoring

How Alcohol Affects Your Snoring

There is no doubt that alcohol helps you relax and doze off easily, but it’s not quality sleep that’s taking place. Alcoholic sleep not only leaves you feeling fatigued and nauseated, but disrupts your sleep patterns and aggravates your snoring symptoms.  

How alcohol affects the stages of sleep

Drinking may make you fall asleep, but it will also activate your NERM cycle at the same time.  The NERM cycle is a temporary stage of sleep that does not allow any eye movement. During this stage, your muscles do not get paralyzed, and scientists believe that there is no dreaming taking place. As a result, you wake up feeling more tired than before you went to bed. Since your brain is unable to get quality restoration, your body remains fatigued and you may feel less focused throughout the day.

How alcohol makes you a loud snorer

As you know, alcohol works as a depressant, and has  strong sedative effects. Alcohol slows down your brain’s ability to process information and relaxes your muscles. Although this may seem like an added benefit, it is anything but. These effects of alcohol can cause the back of the throat and tongue to relax to the point that your airway becomes more obstructed than usual.  To fight this state, your body then gasps for air, thundering the room with a loud snoring sound. Learn more about what causes snoring

How to overcome loud snoring

One good habit to develop is to avoid alcohol a few hours before bed. But if you’re just dying to have that late night drink, be sure to refrain from hard liquor with higher alcohol content. Lastly, invest in a snoring mouthpiece that’s designed to keep your airway open, so that when you do indulge in the occasional late night drink, you can still enjoy a peaceful, snore-free sleep.


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