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Everyone snores from time to time — even babies and small children! But adults are more likely
to snore, with studies showing that 57% of men and 40% of women develop this habit [1].
Although common and more often than not normal, snoring can become a serious problem that
affects your health, well-being, relationships, and your mornings.

Luckily, snoring can be managed with lifestyle changes and also medical devices. One such
medical device designed to treat snoring is the Good Morning Snore Solution. This simple
mouthpiece is a quick solution to problematic snoring that is clinically proven to work ....

Why We Snore
Snoring happens when soft tissues in the nasopharynx flutter, producing a harsh sound we all
recognize as snoring. The reason behind this flutter is the collapsing of the upper airway. This
collapse can happen for a multitude of reasons:

● Small jaw or receding chin
● Deviated septum
● Respiratory infections
● Obesity
● An enlarged tongue or soft palate
● Enlarged tonsils or adenoids

In many cases, snoring is nothing but a nuisance for bed partners. But in other cases, snoring is
a result of something more serious — sleep apnea.  Sleep apnea is a sleep-related breathing disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops during sleep. These pauses in breathing cause significant dips in oxygen levels, which trigger frequent awakenings that sufferers are not aware of. The resulting hypoxia and sleep fragmentation put sufferers at risk of a number of problems [2]:

● Hypertension
● Heart attack
● Stroke
● Depression
● Work or road accidents

Snoring from sleep apnea is slightly different from normal snoring. With apneic snoring,
sufferers stop breathing from 10 seconds to over a minute, which is followed by loud gasping
and snorting. In other cases, breathing becomes noticeably shallow and followed by loud gasps.

When this type of snoring is accompanied by additional symptoms, e.g. morning headaches,
constant sleepiness, and trouble focusing, chances are it could be due to sleep apnea.

How Snoring Affects Your Mornings Snoring, especially if due to sleep apnea, can have a negative effect on your morning. The fragmented sleep, mouth breathing, and chronically low oxygen input from sleep apnea can result in:

● Waking up tired
● Morning headaches
● Dehydration
● Irritability and low mood
● Bad breath

If left untreated for too long, sleep apnea leads to hypertension, heart problems, weight gain, and a greater risk of accidents [3].

While usually considered harmless, primary or simple snoring can affect your mornings too.  Besides making a nuisance to your partner and causing morning grudges, primary snoring can have direct effects on your health.

Breathing through the mouth instead of the nose, which is characteristic in snoring, can lead to dehydration. A study published in Rhinology found that water loss was 42% greater when
breathing through the mouth [4]. Even mild dehydration can leave you feeling unusually tired and groggy.

The constant vibration from snoring and mouth breathing that accompanies it can leave you with a sore throat and bad breath in the morning. All this taken together is not the optimal start of the day you need to function and feel your best.

How a "Good Morning" is part of our Snore Solution?

Reducing or even resolving snoring can be a great way to start off every morning, feeling more refreshed and rested throughout the day!   This is why we choose "Good Morning" as part of our snore solution name. 

How the Good Morning Snore Solution Helps

The Good Morning Snore Solution is an oral appliance designed as a simple solution to primary snoring and possibly mild to moderate sleep apnea.   Because most snoring is due to the collapse of tissues that make up the upper airways, freeing the upper airways can help reduce snoring. One way to do that is by thrusting the tongue slightly forward. Snoring is usually produced by fluttering of the soft palate, which is located in the nasopharynx region. When you fall asleep, the tongue falls back into the nasopharynx, obstructing airflow and contributing to snoring.

The Good Morning Snore Solution can prevent the tongue from falling back into your throat by pulling it slightly forward. Using simple suction, this device holds the tongue comfortably in place so air can flow freely as you sleep.

The advantages of using a stabilizing device compared to other types of oral appliances or continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy are that they are simpler to use, more comfortable, available over the counter, and don’t require custom fitting. However, these are more suitable for those with primary snoring and may be helpful in some cases of mild sleep apnea.

What Makes Our Snore Solution Stand Out?

The oral appliance market is filled with devices that promise to stop snoring. The Good Morning Snore Solution stands out in this crowd for the following reasons:

Expert developed The Good Morning Snore Solution was designed by a renowned dentist and sleep researcher at the University of Calgary, Dr. Leslie Dort. Dr. Dort set out to develop a product that was safe, effective, and comfortable to use. Her colleague, Dr. Markley saw how this simple device could help millions of people struggling with snoring worldwide, starting the Good Morning Snore Solution brand.

Clinically Tested and FDA Cleared
The Good Morning Snore Solution was clinically tested for safety and efficiency. In one trial carried out by Dr. Dort, 73% of the subjects said they experienced significant improvement in their symptoms [5]. The FDA has also cleared this device for over-the-counter use.

Easy to Use
Many oral appliances require customizing, adjustments, and a doctor’s prescription. They also tend to be rather uncomfortable. The Good Morning Snore Solution requires none of the above — it was designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. As many of its positive reviews show, it is quite comfortable to use. The device is also available in two sizes to fit anyone. 

Safe Materials

This device is made of dental-grade plastic resin and is BHA and BPA-free to further ensure
your health and safety. With proper care and cleaning, the device can last you up to two years, if not longer.

Order Our Snore Solution for a Good Morning
There is a simple solution out there and it comes in the form of a tongue-stabilizing device.  Don’t let snoring ruin your mornings and affect your well-being and productivity The Good Morning Snore Solution is available for purchase online. The device can be shipped to the U.S., Canada, Australia, Europe, U.K: and the Asia Pacific region.

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