December 16, 2019 2 min read

The holiday season has arrived and we want to help you find effective ways to stay well rested during all the madness! Here are some tips and tricks to get quality rest during the holidays.

1. Reduce cortisol levels

Stress stems from the hormonecortisol. If we accumulate too much of it, our body panics and continues to do so if nothing is done to fix our worries. The holidays may include more stress-inducing activities than we’re used to, so it’s best to prepare if you feel heightened stress levels.

Some easy suggestions are setting aside time, even if it’s just an hour, to do an activity that occupies both the brain and the mind. For example, taking a walk while listening to music, playing an instrument, or even just stretching while watching T.V. Whatever it is that helps you de-stress, just know that it’s okay to take some short term R&R.

2. Consistency is key

If you find yourself hitting that snooze button a few too many times, now might be the time to implement a consistent night time routine. According to Dr. Pelayo from the Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine, adding a routine has been proven to encourage well restedness. Dr. Pelayo suggests a couple activities to start off your routine: go to bed at the same time every night, bathe a couple hours before bed, and don’t lay in your bed until it’s time to sleep. Try sticking with a night routine that works for you, and experience how great you feel in the morning!

3. Adjust your alarm 

Small changes with your alarm can enable faster wake up times and get you ready for the day ahead! An article from Healthline notes that we need to choose a sound that we want to wake up from. That sound could be a recording of your kids yelling or even just your office telephone ring! The perfect alarm sound will annoy you only enough to get out of bed. So hopefully you won’t ever hit that snooze button!

4. Yoga before bed 

We’re sure you’ve heard of the benefits yoga has on the body and mind. Yoga can fight depression, refine flexibility and balance, and generally improve quality of life. Overall, this activity is a great way to ensure that you are cool, calm, and collected during stressful times! On that note, studies state performing restorative yoga poses before going to bed increases your sleep quality. Poses such as child’s pose, waterfall, and standing forward bend are simple, yet effective in finding some peace before sleep.

5. Find the perfect app

A variety of sleep apps ranging from sleep trackers to white noise sounds can assist those who struggle to find rest. A lot of these apps also use customer data and offer personalized advice for your sleep issues. A bonus is that most apps have free trials, so it’s perfect if you want to try something new!

Being aware of your sleep patterns is a necessary first step in bettering your quality of sleep. Try these simple tips to get a little more rest this holiday season.



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