August 14, 2018 2 min read

Transitioning from long summer nights to early school mornings can be challenging for everyone in the family. Here are some tips (and a special discount) to help make the change a bit easier: 

1. Limit Technology

    As screens are shown to impact one's ability to fall asleep, limiting use before bed will allow for a much needed night’s rest before school. Also, since the use of smartphones and tablets are not often allowed during class time, getting into the routine of having some technology-free time will help this transition. Using alarm clocks and having a dedicated family charging space within the house are some ways to make this rule work. 

     2. Reduce Anxiety

    Stress can run high as it is the beginning of a new schedule for both children and parents. Ensuring that proper coping methods will allow for a less anxious transition back to school. For parents, communicate with your kids about their possible worries starting the new year, and help them make plans in case they occur. For those going back to school, increasing self-care measures such as meditation and mindfulness will help get you in a positive mindset for class.

    3. Prepare Ahead

    Another way to decrease stress and save on sleep is to save the least amount of things to do for the morning of school. Packing lunch, planning breakfast and choosing outfits the night before will help the next morning go smoothly and provide motivation for the day ahead.

    4. Alter Sleep Schedules

    As summer can be a time of later nights and daily naps, going back to school can be a shock. If you are going back to school, change your sleep schedule so you wake up at the same time you would for class -- even before the first day back. If you have school-aged kids, account for the amount of sleep needed for your child and change bedtimes accordingly. As for teenagers, communicating about what their sleep schedule will look like provides a space for understanding and a healthy sleep goal to follow.


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