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Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show the paternal figures in your life how much you care. And what better way to show appreciation than with sleep gifts? It’s been a difficult year and a half for sleep, and dad will probably agree. These 10 presents can help dad finally get his well-deserved shut-eye, make his bedtime routine something to look forward to, or at least put a smile on his sleep-deprived face.

1.  Books about sleep

Sleep is a fascinating subject, which is why there’s no shortage of books on it. Knowing more about why sleep matters may help motivate dad to make sleep a priority. Michael Acton Smith, the co-founder of Calm, wrote a fun and useful handbook for healthy sleeping:The Magic of Sleep: A Bedside Companion.

2. Weighted blanket

Weighted blankets are bead-filled blankets that weigh between 5 and 30 lbs. Originally introduced by occupational therapists for children with behavioral problems, there’s now evidence they may help people with insomnia as well. They essentially work like a warm hug — activating feel-good chemicals to help with relaxation.Weighted Idea sells twin-sized with a cooling effect.

3. A pajama set

How well you sleep also depends on what you sleep in. A study published inNature and Science of Sleep found that different fabrics influence how fast we fall asleep, for example. That’s why you should gift dad with the highest-quality PJ set you can afford. Marks & Spencer sells this adorablePure Cotton Daddy Bear Print Pyjama Set — perfect for Father’s Day!

4. Sleep headphones

Is dad a light sleeper? Or is city noise and light ruining his sleep? Either way, sleep headphones solve both problems by blocking out both light and external noise. These are sleep masks with built-in Bluetooth headphones.This one is an Amazon shoppers’ favorite because it is lightweight, stays in place, has quality speakers, and other great features.

5. Bose sleepbuds 

A well-known seller of audio equipment, Bose came up with an ingenious solution for noise-disrupted sleep: sleepbuds. They’re tiny, comfortable, and deliver relaxing sounds to help your dad fall asleep. They even have integrated noise-masking technology for whole-night restful sleep. The only downside is thatBose sleepbuds II are pricey, but we all know dad is worth the splurge.

6. A contour pillow

Also known as orthopedic pillows, contour pillows provide support to the neck and back, which can definitely help improve sleep and feeling less achy in the morning. Studies comparing different pillow types — feathered, memory foam, and orthopedic — found that the latter are best for sleep quality.Sleep Innovations sells high-quality ones with a 5-year warranty. 

7. A book light 

If dad’s an avid reader, consider getting him a book light this Father’s Day. These handy led lamps not only allow dad to read in peace wherever he wants, but they also won’t disrupt his circadian rhythm. Many manufacturers,like Hooga, sell book lights that emit sleep-friendly colors, not the sleep-disrupting blue ones. 

8. An air purifier

Indoor air quality can affect sleep as well, according to a literature review published inSleep Medicine. That’s even more so the case for people with allergies. So to give dad the gift of better sleep, consider getting him an air purifier likeGermGuard, which eliminates germs, allergens, pollen, smoke, and other triggers. 

9. Scented candles

Aromatherapy can work wonders for insomnia, too. Lavender fragrances were found to be especially calming and sleep-inducing in several clinical studies. Scentered offersSleep Well Aromatherapy Scented Candles with essential oils (a lavender one included) and no synthetic fragrances. 

10. Snore solutions

If dad’s sleep is disrupted by snoring, but not the sleep-apnea kind, then he can benefit from products like snoring mouthpieces. These keep the jaw or tongue in place to help keep the airways open during sleep. TheGood Morning Snore Solution is an example of a snoring mouthpiece, specifically a tongue-stabilizing device that is clinically proven and fits any mouth.

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