November 22, 2021 5 min read

While we all enjoy a good night’s sleep, some folks like to take it to the next level. You probably know that one friend who makes the snooze button seem pointless. Or maybe know a family member who plans their day around nap times.

Since it’s the season of giving, why not give the sleep lover in your life something to make their favorite activity even better? From luxurious bedding and sleep masks to sleep-supporting devices and cozy blankets, there are many gift ideas to consider. This guide lists 12 holiday gift options for the sleep lover in your life. 

1. Sateen Sheet Set

To make your loved one’s sleep feel luxurious, give them this high-quality bedding like this  Brooklinen Luxe Sateen Sheet Set. Made with 100% long staple cotton with a sateen weave, this sheet set feels silky smooth and ultra-soft. And with a 480 thread count, it’s bound to last for a long time with good care. Sateen is a soft and silky fabric made with the sateen weave structure. It is soft to the touch yet incredibly durable, which makes it the perfect material for bedding that’ll make anyone not want to get out of bed.

Cost: $150 and up 


2. Smart Clock

Smartphones often get in the way of sleep with their morning alarm, blue light, and constant news updates. The  Loftie Clock  and similar devices, on the other hand, are designed to promote sleep. Users can wind down to their favorite music or podcast as well as sleep-promoting white noise, guided meditation, and ambient music. They also come with special alarm settings to help users wake up gently.

Cost: about $150


3. Scented Candles 

Research shows that aromatherapy is an effective, safe, and economical way to address sleep problems. It calms the nerves by stimulating smell receptors that signal the brain to release feel-good neurotransmitters. So, for a good night’s sleep, give your loved one a scented candle like this  rareESSENCE - Aromatherapy Spa Candle. It is made with 100% natural lavender, armoise, and clary sage as well as soy wax. 

Cost: $20-50


4. Silk Sleep Mask 

Artificial and natural light can cut siestas short and make the sleepaholic in your life feel deprived. That’s because light stops melatonin (the main sleep hormone) secretion. Sleep masks solve this problem by blocking that pesky light and letting the sleeper stay in dreamland to their heart’s desire. A luxurious mask like this  Slip Black Sleep Mask  is one option to consider. It is made with pure mulberry silk, and the black color and thick liner help block light. 

Cost: $20-50


5. Fancy Coffee Mugs

Mugs for Christmas are kind of cliche. But next-level mugs like the Dowan  Ceramic Coffee Mug with Insulated Cork Bottom are different. The cork bottom protects the skin from heat, while the lid helps keep beverages hot for longer. Plus, the matte ceramic finish doubles as a chalkboard. They’re perfect for calm-down drinks like green tea, chamomile, hot cocoa and non-alcoholic mulled wine for winding down. 

Cost: $5-20


6. Wool Blanket

Another thing that can wake sleep lovers from their slumber is the cold. Luckily, a wool blanket can prevent this problem. Wool is one of the best insulating materials there is, providing warmth even when wet. Plus, it’s super durable. This  Eco-Wise Wool Plaid Blanket  made with 100% virgin wool is lightweight, warm, and washable. It’s the perfect gift for the holiday season and comes in different sizes, from twin to king.

Cost: $150 and up 


7. Body Pillow 

Is your sleep lover also a side sleeper? Then give them a body pillow this Christmas. These pillows relieve pressure on the joints and back, making sleep much more comfortable. Plus, there’s something cozy about them. Besides being useful for side sleepers, pregnant women and those with back pain will love these. This  AllerEase Compressed Body Pillow  is made with a cotton cover and is hypoallergenic. At 54 x 9 x 20 inches, it’s big enough to provide full-body support. 

Cost: about $50 


8. Pajama Set

Pajamas are a thoughtful holiday gift, especially to someone who likes to wear them as much as they can. You can find quality pajama sets at Target and other retailers. This  pajama set by Target’s Stars Above is lightweight, with a relaxed fit and made with a soft fabric called modal. Modal is a semi-synthetic material made from cellulose fibers. Choose between 4 different colors 6 sizes. 

Cost: $20 and above


9. Cotton Robe

Bathrobes make for such a fantastic holiday gift for several reasons: they’re practical, easy to size, and suitable for almost anyone. Not to mention sleep lovers are bound to appreciate this kind of present. This  Unisex Organic Cotton Robe  by COYUCHI is sold as a gift option, with a gift wrap, and printed gift message. It’s made with organic cotton and is very durable. 

Cost: $100 and above


10. Sleepbuds 

If your family member or friend is noise sensitive or lives in a noisy neighborhood, they’ll love getting the next generation of  Bose Sleepbuds  as a holiday present. While they are pricey, users say they’re definitely worth it. Not only are they clinically proven to help people fall asleep by blocking outside noise, these earbuds are also comfortable and come with a built-in alarm.  

Cost: around $240


11. Bath Bombs

There’s scientific evidence that taking a hot shower or bath before bedtime promotes sleep. It seems to lower core body temperature by increasing blood flow to the skin. And when you pair the sleep-inducing effects of a warm both with calming essential oils, you’re guaranteed refreshing sleep. So, gift scented bath bombs like these  Lush Deep Sleep made with lavender, chamomile, and neroli oil. 

Cost: less than $10


12. Snore Solution 

Snoring can ruin sleep both for the snorer and bed partner. If your bed partner is a snorer, giving them a snore solution can solve the problem for both of you. Snore solutions include different sleep apnea mouthpieces that keep mouth structures from blocking the upper airway. Our  Good Morning Snore Solution tongue-stabilizing devices can be easily worn by almost anyone and are clinically proven to stop snoring.  


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