June 06, 2022 4 min read

This Father’s Day, give the dad in your life the gift of a good night’s sleep. Here are 11 great gifts that are perfect for Father’s Day.

1. Cooling Weighted Blanket 

Weighted blankets work much like a comforting hug, from mom, before bedtime — it calms you down and lulls you into dreamland. But if dad lives in a warmer climate or is a hot sleeper, get him a cooling weighted blanket just in case. The Sleep Foundation recommends  this one by Luxome because of its ultra-soft feel and because you can customize your order by choosing a different pattern or cover type. 

2. Smart Light

Does dad read before bedtime the old-fashioned way? His bedside lamp could be keeping him up and preventing him from winding down. A smart alternative such as  Casper’s Glow Light solves that problem with its warm, self-dimming light. It can also work as a morning alarm replacement. Smart lamps like these mimic sunrise and sunset to help the body be in sync with its natural rhythms, thus helping dad sleep like a baby.

3. Memory Foam Slippers

Check if the father figure in your life needs a new pair of slippers, and get him ones with memory foam insoles. These types of slippers adjust to the contour of the foot to offer pillow-soft comfort — perfect for decompressing and winding down after a long day. RockDove offers  an affordable pair that’s perfect for dads. They’re made with breathable cotton and sturdy rubber soles and are available in six color combos. 

4. A Travel Sleep Kit 

If anything can get in the way of good sleep it is frequent traveling. Long-haul flights, changing timezones, and uncomfortable hotel beds don’t make for restful slumber. If your dad lives out of a suitcase, give him a sleep kit to pack on his next journey. This  5-Piece Travel Kit by Zodaca is great for long flights, while this  Tempur-Pedic Travel Set brings comfort no matter where he needs to doze off.

5. A Pillow Spray

Insomnia is a common problem in our fast-paced society, affecting new dads and grandads alike. To help the stressed dad in your life asleep, aromatherapy with lavender oil can do wonders, at least according to current sleep research.  This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is a convenient and natural sleep aid that you simply spritz on your pillow before going to sleep. It’s clinically proven to be effective and is an Amazon best-seller.

6. Latex Pillow

It’s probably been a while since dad has last upgraded his bedding. So show dad you care about his sleep with a latex pillow. Why latex, you ask? Because latex pillows provide the plushness of traditional down pillows with just enough firmness for cervical support. Naturapedic offers an eco-friendly,  organic adjustable pillow made with a shredded latex core. Another great thing about latex is that it stays cool and can last a really long time compared to memory foam alternatives. 

7. Foot Massager

Not only does a foot massage relieve muscle tension after a long day walking or standing, but it also helps improve mood and promote sleep, according to multiple studies. If you think dad could benefit from this type of relaxation technique, consider gifting him a foot massager. HoMedics offers the  Shiatsu Deluxe Foot Massager with an optional heating feature. It’s not too bulky like some other massagers and has rave user reviews. 

8. Comfy Bathrobe 

Anyone who’s serious about loungewear will want to have a high-quality and comfy bathrobe to go with their PJs, slippers, or boxers. If that’s your dad, help him relax and sleep in on weekends with a comfortable and warm robe like this  Plush Jacquard Robe from Nordstrom. It’s deep texture makes it feel particularly fluffy, and it’s calf-length hem and long sleeve provide the perfect amount of coverage. 

9. Sleep Buds

Living in a noisy environment or particularly being noise sensitive are both common sleep killers. If your dad has trouble sleeping due to street noise, disruptive neighbors or mom’s snoring, get him a pair of  Bose Sleep Buds. While expensive, they are clinically proven to work and come with a 90-day trial period. They’re comfortable and come with passive noise blocking and a selection of sleep-inducing sounds to induce sleep in the noisiest of environments. 

10. Short Sleeve Pajamas

You already got dad his long-sleeved flannel PJs for Christmas. But with the nights now getting warmer, why not get him some short-sleeved cotton pajamas as well? David Archy sells this  comfortable and sleek set at a fairly reasonable price. The set comes in navy blue and grey color combos and is bound to make dad sleep like a log this summer. 

11. Snore Solution

Does dad snore? Then his sleep is probably not as good as it should be as studies show even simple snoring can have a negative impact on health. Or maybe his bed partner snores, keeping him wide-awake at night? Then gift him an anti-snoring mouthpiece such as the  Good Morning Snore Solution tongue-stabilizing device. The device is safe, easy to use, and clinically proven to work. It’s also FDA-approved, so you can rest assured your dad is getting something that’s safe to use. 

The Takeaway

If dad needs or just loves his beauty sleep — and many dads do — then he’ll appreciate a gift that makes his favorite pastime activity more enjoyable. From ultra-comfortable bedding to cozy loungewear and smart sleep-promoting gadgets, there are so many options that can help create the perfect sleep environment for any kind of dad. 


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