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clinically proven snoring solution
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5 star customer service award


Oct 2020
I received my snore guard yesterday and wore it last night.... I was able to sleep and ...... my husband said I did not snore!!!! He was actually able to sleep in bed and not out in the living room!! I expect it to continue but this is AMAZING since he says I sound like a jet engine! Thank you so much! Signed: one happy customer!
- Rhea C
Mar 2020
I have been using the Good Morning Snore Solution for 3 or 4 years. After I had spent thousands of dollars on uncomfortable appliances to hold my tongue in place so it wouldn't fall back in my mouth, I found the Good Morning Snore Solution appliance. I literally cannot sleep without it unless I sleep on my side. However, my tongue does sometimes slip out if I do not get a tight enough hold and I will wake myself up snoring. I always have a new appliance on hand in case something happens to the one I am currently using.
- Ellen Larion
Dec 2015
This is a remarkable product,” says dentist Dr. Larry Stanleigh who participated in the MPowRx™ commercial pilot program. Dr Stanleigh says “It addresses the concerns we have with other in-the-mouth devices, and at a price point that can be accessible to a large segment of the population that ordinarily would avoid trying anything. I believe this product has the potential to change some peoples’ lives, and/or the lives of the people they sleep with.
- Dr Larrry Stanleigh
Oct 2020
Very effective! Especially great for travelling with others.
- Karen Dalby


Mar 2020
TUCK Comprehensive Sleep Resource - has awarded Good Morning Snore Solution Editor's Pick as the best (TRD) anti-snoring mouthpiece. The team of sleep experts call Good Morning Snore Solution "very comfortable" and "well worth the investment.
Article written by - Keith Cushner,
Apr 2020
Sleep Advisor - has awarded Good Morning Snore Solution Editor's Choice as the best snoring mouthpiece for 2020. The team at says Good Morning Snore Solution delivers "quality and comfort in one package.
Article written by - Editors Choice,
Dec 2015
SnoringHQ - lists Good Morning Snore Solution as their top choice for tongue retaining devices. The reviewer calls Good Morning Snore Solution "comfortable, effective, durable, and safe.
Article written by - Mark Walton.,
Apr 2019
Snoring Mouthpiece Review - awarded Good Morning Snore Solution its Mouthpiece Of The Year Award for 2019. "In terms of ease of use, no other mouthpiece in either the MAD or TSD category can compare to the Good Morning Snore Solution...Another one of the benefits that the Good Morning Snore Solution offers is that during its design, it actually went through clinical trials. In the world of snoring cessation products, it is extremely rare to see this kind of study, which points to the solid foundation the product was built on.
Article written by - Steve Walker,

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